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In October, the Council of Europe has organized the annual conference related to democracy – the Forum for the Future of Democracy, in Madrid, 2008.10.15-17. This years topic has been e-democracy.

The Council of Europe has been an active agent in transforming democracy in Europe, although, it defentaly needs the e-democratic changes as well – just like other political institutions around Europe.

The conference forum has been too traditional in a sense, that regardless the title of the event, it has been lacking the interactive features, and showed the lack of methods to create real forum. Regardless the fact, that the focus and the topic is right, we need to ask, how will the proposed recommendation of electronic-democratic reforms (Prepared by the Ad-hoc commitee on E-democracy) give a new spin for better governance in the Council of Europe.

Final conclusions can be reached here!

The questions is not only about hot to propose, promote, recommend e-democracy genuinely to the member states, but more about the cultural shift, that need to happen inside as well. It is a pity, that many of the changes remain unseen.

  • The revision of the websites of the Council of Europe institutions is not an open proces. Maybe you could give as well some good points to improve! You can see mines here.
  • There is no integrating unit-function inside the organization, who seeks, engages and harnessing the power of cros department cooperation in the related areas, such as active citizenship, Youth, Internet Literacy etc…
  • There has been no support for opening and consulting on the recommendation with the wider public -expect the Forum in Madrid.
  • The other new initiative, the European Week for Local Democracy needs to be re-tuned from the cititzen perspective and in the light of e-democracy.

These hot areas are not here to blame anybody. Therey are here, to motivate us, to require more reforms from those institutions who are promoting change outside. They are here, to see, sometimes at intergovernmental cooperations governments can do a lot, if they have willingnes.

E-democracy a place, where plenty of space is waiting for the nobel commitments of governments to strenghten democratic values in Europe – outside the EU as well.

The official site of the COE on e-democracy:

A great event soon: check out E-democracy

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